English and Swiss nationality

Educational background

1998-2002 : Bachelor   In   Landscape   Architecture,   École   d’Ingénieurs   de Lullier (https://www.hesge.ch/hepia HEPIA, Geneva)

1997-1998 : Work   experience   in   landscape   architecture   firms   (Canada,Irelande, Geneva)

1991-1996 : Maturité Artistique, Collège Claparède, Geneva

Professional experience

From 2014 to this day

Independent Landscape Architect Mary Hofmann, creation of « L’Esquisse du Paysage » with associate - Lausanne, Suisse www.mary-hofmann.ch 

Design, development and realisation of private and public mandates such as large areas to be rehabilitated or the development of gardens for individuals, creation of eco-districts in close collaboration with other professionals.

2010 - 2013

Department of Town Planning and Environment of the City of Pully (DUE). Pully, Canton of Vaud, www.pully.ch

General management of public spaces. Design, development, implementation and site monitoring of multiple projects related to urban development in the city. Costing and financial monitoring of projects. Administrative follow-up with the drafting of reports and notices. Coordination of projects with the various services of the city and neighboring municipalities. Follow-up of investigation files and external agents.

2008 - 2009

Independent Landscape Architect London, GB

Design, development, and realisation of private and public mandates such as large areas to be rehabilitated or the development of gardens for individuals, creation of eco-districts in close collaboration with other professionals.

2006 - 2008

John McAslan&Partners : urban planners, architects and landscape architects . London, GB, www.mcaslan.co.uk

Design, development, and realization of projects with multidisciplinary teams of large-scale projects in London, Great Britain and abroad (Russia, Algeria, India).

Active participation in projects with the notion of biodiversity in landscaping. Preparation of quotes and monitoring of budgets. Teamwork with various groups of engineers for an impact study of the transport system on Oxford Street.

2005 - 2006

Neil Tully Associates : office of urban planners and landscape architects . London , GB, www.neiltully.co.uk

Development of overall plans in collaboration with town planners of agglomeration projects. Creation of villages on the outskirts of Greater London promoting the preservation of the environment and biodiversity.

2002 - 2005

Ecole d’Ingénieurs de Lullier : teaching assistant HES, landscape architecture sector. Jussy,  www.hesge.ch/eil

Supervision of student projects, course preparation, applied research, development and provision of services to third parties. Research work on historic gardens in Geneva (ICOMOS).

2001 - 2002

Empreintes Méditerranéennes, landscape architecture office. Toulon, France,  www.frenchlandscape.net

Development of various ongoing projects (private gardens, roundabouts, village entrances, seaside developments). Research work, realization of the diploma work on the crossing of the Plan-du-Castelet.

2000 - 2001

YardsUnlimited Landscaping, paysagiste stagiaire Ottawa. Canada, www.yardsunlimited.com

Team work in the field, site monitoring, planting, garden maintenance, various landscaping.


Bureau d’Architecture Paysagère Gilbert Henchoz Thônex. Genève, www.hench.com Professional internship in landscape architecture. 

Learning to draw and graphic design. Planting plans, technical sections, elevations, ambient sketches.


Conservatory and Botanical Garden, professional internship in horticulture. Geneva, www.ville-ge.ch General 
Maintenance of the park, plantations, watering, weeding, teamwork with the gardeners.


Swiss and French nationality

Educational background

2014 : Bachelor in Landscape Architecture at HEPIA Geneva

2011 : Brevet de Technicien Supérieur en Aménagements

Landscapers at TECOMAH, Ile-de-France 2009: Scientific baccalaureate specializing in Earth Sciences and Life

Professional experience

Since October 2020

Employed as a landscape architect (90%) in the office of Mary Hofmann, L’Esquisse du Paysage since 2022, Switzerland Lausanne. Design, development and realisation of private and public mandates, elaboration of technical files, site monitoring.


Company DENOGENT SA Prangins: Collaboration of 3 and a half years for the design, costing and monitoring of private and semi-private garden projects.


Entreprise BOURGOZ PAYSAGES St-Sulpice: 3-month collaboration for the design, costing and monitoring of private garden projects.


Agence M+N PAYSAGE / ARCHITECTURE Geneva: 4-month collaboration for the design and graphic production of various projects: large territory, semi-public and public projects.


Agence BELANDSCAPE Bevaix: Participation for 5 weeks in the realization of an experimental and temporary project for the town of Coppet in the canton of Vaud.


Workshop MICRO LABO URBAIN Geneva: Participation, in collaboration with the urban planning department of the city of Geneva, in the workshop in order to propose ephemeral projects for the summer of 2014.


PALÉO Festival Nyon: Participation in the design of a scenography project for the Hautes Ecoles (HES). We also carried out the project.


OUTSIDE Ile-de-France Agency: One-month internship in a design office, participation in project design, computer design, quantitative and estimated detail (DQE)...


Company FLORE BOREALE ET ALLAVOINE PARKS AND GARDENS Ile-de-France: Two-month and two-week internship on private and public project sites training.

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